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What to do during your stay at the VH Country Estate

Tamborine Mountain’s finest virtue is its connection to nature and wildlife and VH Country Estate is no exception. Take in the beauty of sweeping mountain vistas, vibrant bonfires, and morning mists that rest in the foothills of the mountains and experience walking trails, waterfalls and native landmarks that promise to energise and awe-inspire the senses. Here’s our roundup of the best experiences on the mountain.

A note from us

The mountain offers a sense of exploration and adventure, it provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the most magical rainforest walks, dip your feet into crystal clear waters from the cascading waterfalls and feel connected with yourself and nature. Take a deep breath of pure air under the canopy of soaring high ancient trees, it’s medicine for the soul and we love it here, we know you will too.

Walking Trails

Get a bird’s eye view of nature’s pristine beauty as you zipline through Tamborine Mountain.

Curtis Falls Walking Track

A short 15-minute drive from VH Country Estate and you’ve arrived at the perfect walking track through the eucalypt rainforest. This walking track is a light-medium 1km walk through lush rainforest with a plethora of towering-flooded gums, strangler figs and staghorn ferns. The cascading waterfall is the cherry on top and is a great walk for those looking for a dose of nature that ticks all the boxes. Early mornings are perfect for a quiet, picturesque experience.

Cedar Falls Walking Track

One of Mount Tamborine’s most popular walks with its stunning views over the open canyon, waterfalls and rockpools. The walking track is a light 1.1km nature walk complete with a swim in freshwater rock pools, or simply sit by the rocks and listen to rushing cascades of water and abundant birdlife amongst the open eucalypt rainforest. Highly recommend visiting this track mid-week or early morning to avoid crowds as this is a popular destination.

Tamborine Sky Walk

The skywalk soars high above the rainforest canopies and rock pools with its rich vegetation, unique flora, butterfly colonies etc. The path leads you through steel-structured bridges that allow you to discover the different layers of the forest. The highlight is the 40-metre cantilever bridge that sits 30 meters above the mesmerizing creek and rainforest below. Definitely worth a visit, please note this walk is paid entry, and early mornings are the most private time to visit.


Making memories one waterfall at a time. There is no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music.

Natural Bridge, Springbrook

One of our personal favourites that promise to captivate you is Natural Bridge. Featuring a stunning rock formation formed by the force of the waterfall over the basalt cave. A scenic 45-minute drive from VH Country Estate. Hoop pines emerging from surrounding forests are living relics of the Jurassic age, 180 million years ago. Early morning visits are worth the serenity and peace where you can take a few moments to take in the majestic beauty of the waterfall.

Cameron Falls, Knoll Walking Track

Cameron Falls is reached by a one-hour circuit walk located on the Sandy Creek Circuit within the Knoll section of Tamborine National Park. Whilst the falls are at its best when rainfall is high, the views are often its best feature. This walking track follows the creek, and the falls can be heard in the distance. A branch track to Cameron Falls lookout welcomes you to soak up the natural beauty of the waterfalls just a short 15-minute drive from VH Country Estate.

Purling Brook Falls

If you love adventure and want to experience an amazing hike, we recommend Purling Brook Falls located near Springbrook. The walking trail takes 1.5-2 hours to complete and offers a majestic waterfall view from the top and base of the mountain. The walk begins down into the valley where you can swim in the waterhole and marvel at the soaring height of the waterfall. A scenic 50-minute drive from VH Country Estate, this track is a great day trip to get the body moving and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

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